Professional development programs for people working in publishing.


Whether you are new to freelancing or are already established and looking for ways to enhance your marketing efforts, techniques to find (more and better-paying) clients, help with tools of the trade such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat, networking resources, tips on making the most of social media, or advice on buying new equipment, Communication Central programs can help you on your journey to a more- successful freelance business and career.

Communication Central relays such practical, business-building information through occasional workshops and the popular annual Be a Better Freelancer® conference, held every fall. The conference provides two types of presentations for entrepreneurial communicators—tools of the writing, editing and proofreading, etc., trade (Word, Acrobat, social media and more) and approaches to the freelance lifestyle (finding clients, marketing, pricing, networking and more), with “conceptual” topics (lifestyle, balancing work and family) as well.

Don’t miss the 2019 “Be a Better Freelancer”® conference — with NAIWE!

There’s still time to register for Gateway to Success,” the 14th annual “Be a Better Freelancer”® conference, to be held over Columbus Day weekend, October 11–13, 2019, at the fabulous Chase-Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis, MO — in a first-time partnership with the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE). To register online, go to The deadline for the conference rate at the hotel is September 10.

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Session topics include business basics, getting started, marketing and promotions, using tools such as Word and Acrobat (PDFs), websites, expanding a business, and much more.

For all but one of the past 13 years, this has been the only conference specifically for freelancers in the editorial world — writers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, desktop publishers, graphic artists, photographers, website creators, etc. Partnering with NAIWE is a very exciting new development for the event. Thanks to April Michelle Davis for being open to doing this together. We couldn't ask for a better, or better-organized, business partner!

Colleagues are the best perspective on the value of an event like this. Read their Testimonials here.

St. Louis has a lot for spouses and families to do while we're conferencing, and for attendees to check out before and after the event. Click here for some of the highlights.

A Conference Code of Ethics

As far as we know, there have never been any problems at the Communication Central Be a Better Freelancer”® conferences, but the “better safe than sorry” maxim is worth remembering. With that in mind, we offer this Code of Conduct/Ethics for future events.

Communication Central supports colleagues in moves to protect against and prevent harassment at professional conferences for any reason.

Communication Central does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, ability or nationality. Communication Central events are open to people of all backgrounds. Communication Central does not condone harassment or abuse by speakers, attendees, vendors or service providers involved with its events.

Communication Central event participants are expected to:

  • Respect colleagues, vendors and service providers before, during and after any and all Communication Central events.

  • Refrain from making comments or exhibiting behavior toward fellow participants and staff of event venues that would be considered harassment, abuse or discrimination, whether verbal or physical, before, during or after a Communication Central event.

Should any participant in a Communication Central event experience abuse, assault or harassment during the event, please contact the Communication Central owner and/or event manager immediately. Anyone exhibiting behavior considered harassment, harassment, abuse or discrimination, whether verbal or physical, during a Communication Central event will be asked to leave the event and its premises, with no refund for attendance at the event or payment of speaker fees or expenses, if any. Anyone who commits an assault, whether physical or sexual, at/during a Communication Central event will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Anyone making comments that would be considered harassment, abuse or discrimination in an online Communication Central community or group will be removed from that community or group.

It is our hope that this policy never has to be enforced.



I’ve got to say, every [Communication Central conference] I’ve been to has been more than worth the price of admission in practical, implementable, income-bearing advice.


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