Professional development programs for people working in publishing.


Whether you are new to freelancing or are already established and need ideas to enhance your marketing efforts, techniques to find (more and better-paying) clients, help with tools of the trade such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat, networking resources, tips on making the most of social media, or advice on buying new equipment, Communication Central programs can help you on your journey to a more successful freelance business and career.

Communication Central relays such practical, business-building information through occasional workshops and a popular annual Be a Better Freelancer® conference, held every fall. The conference provides two types of presentations for entrepreneurial communicators – tools of the writing, editing and proofreading, etc., trade (Word, Acrobat, social media and more) and approaches to the freelance lifestyle (finding clients, marketing, pricing, networking and more), with “conceptual” topics (lifestyle, balancing work and family) as well.

"Make Your Own Luck," Communication Central’s 13th annual Be a Better Freelancer® conference, will be held September 21–22, 2018, in Rochester, NY, with the option of an additional workshop on September 23. For details, go to program, speakers and registration.


I’ve got to say, every [Communication Central conference] I’ve been to has been more than worth the price of admission in practical, implementable, income-bearing advice.


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and its founder, Ruth E. Thaler-Carter.

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2018 Conference

Learn more about what we have planned
for the 2018 Be a Better Freelancer® conference, to be held
September 21-22 in Rochester, NY.

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