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  1. I attended my first Communication Central Conference in 2013 when I was starting to transition to freelance work. We had to introduce ourselves, and every time someone said they did some sort of specialized editing, I wished I could be like them. But when it came to my turn, I realized that I had a niche with my (basic) Arabic that no one else there had. After that conference I started freelancing for American University in Cairo Press, so I’m now into Egyptology. I’ve since branched into indexing as well, and am getting gigs related to Islamic studies where my familiarity with Arabic helps. I credit Communication Central (and Ruth in personal communications) with helping me to find myself as a freelancer. I wish I could come from Cairo to attend CCC every year.

    AElfwine Mischler   June 30, 2017
  2. As a presenter and teacher, I’m glad to be presenting again at this year’s conference. The attendees are incredible. The topics are practical and spot-on. It’s the best conference in the industry!

    Bevi Chagnon   August 16, 2016
  3. I attended the 2014 CC conference, and it was time and money well spent. Even after being in this business more than 30 years, including 17 as a full-time freelancer, I learned a lot. There was enough time outside of workshops to both network AND take some downtime to recharge this semi-introvert’s batteries. I came away inspired and with information, tips, and strategies I’ve continued to use.

    Laurel Robinson   August 28, 2015
  4. Although I am a writer and not an editor, I learned something from each speaker at the 2014 conference. In particular, Jake Poinier’s talk on getting paid was very helpful.

    stacey freed   August 5, 2015
  5. I think the conference is a great opportunity to meet and network with colleagues and professionals who have varying experience. Ruth, thank you for planning and organizing.

    Julie Phelan   August 4, 2015
  6. This is my favorite conference: big enough to be stimulating, small enough to be personal, and set in a comfortably sized city instead of a mega metro complex. Sessions cover many different aspects of being an editor and are hosted by pros. It’s a great place to meet online colleagues face to face and network for business opportunities, too!

    Carolyn Haley   July 28, 2015
  7. I attended the Communication Central conference in 2013, and I’ll be back again in 2015. The sessions provide an incredible amount of guidance on the business of freelancing – finding clients, branching out into new areas, handling the day-to-day realities of running a business, developing technical skills, and so much more. Ruth makes sure to build in plenty of networking time, too. This really is money well spent; I’d recommend Comm Central to anyone, whether a novice freelancer or a veteran.

    Tania Pattison   July 27, 2015
  8. I can’t recommend the Communications Central conference highly enough–and it’s not just for newbies. Dozens of longtime editors shared invaluable tips and resources that continue to help me, a new freelancer, with both my productivity and work-life balance. The conference was well organized but relaxed and fun, with just the right mix of speakers, workshops, and informal networking opportunities, and the price was reasonable. I hired two editors I met at CC to review my new website, and continue to learn from several others through their webinars, blogs, and social media. One of the best investments you can make in your career!

    Martha Stettinius   July 27, 2015
  9. I attended Comm Central in 2014, just as I was starting my freelance business. I was really impressed with the quality of the speakers and seminars, the organization of the conference and the amenities. I took copious notes and still refer to them a year later. The size was perfect for networking, and I made connections that were professionally and personally rewarding. Starting a business can be a little overwhelming, but this gave me the structure, advice and impetus to go full throttle all year. HIGHLY recommend it!

    Vanessa Wells   July 27, 2015
  10. The Communication Central conference in 2013 was full of info I could put to use right away in growing and strengthening my freelance writing and editing business. But what I liked best about it was the opportunity to really get to know a lot of intriguing people who share many of the interests and concerns I do. It’s invaluable to meet other editors “in real life.” I have gotten and given referrals for work amongst the people I met at the conference. Thanks, Ruth!

    Joy Drohan   July 26, 2015
  11. I attended the 2014 conference in Rochester, and it was a terrific networking venue, a great chance to meet in person the many folks I’ve known online for years, and a great professional energizer! (AKA, kick in the pants!) I definitely recommend this conference.

    Sharyn Mathews   February 2, 2015
  12. The Communication Central conference I attended last year was, hands-down, the best conference I’ve attended. Cannot recommend it enough!

    Carla Douglas   June 7, 2014
  13. I attended the 6th annual Communication Central conference, which focused on editorial entrepreneurship. The speakers provided key insights on editing, marketing, social media and much more. I liked that the information was concrete and practical — attendees could easily incorporate the strategies into their everyday freelance practice. Of course, the opportunity to meet new freelance professionals as well as network with current/former colleagues in person was invaluable. As a first-time attendee, I was impressed with the knowledge and skills of the presenters and with the organization of the entire program. Many thanks to Ruth Thaler-Carter! I’d recommend Communication Central to other editorial freelancers without hesitation.

    Rose Foltz   September 23, 2013
  14. I went to a conference in Baltimore (I think) 2 years ago – it was a great networking experience, good for meeting people, seeing there others (mostly women) doing what I was trying to do, and I learned quite a bit. I’ve been pressed for money recently and my day job may be significantly reduced shortly, so have not been to another, at least not yet. Would like to go again and get the same things, possibly more, out of the next one.

    Mark Rose   August 16, 2013
  15. I must say that the Communication Central conference was the tops. The handout from the fiction editing workshop has really helped me with this current manuscript!

    Gretchen   February 17, 2013
  16. Interestingly, your last year’s conference covered every topic that came up today (at a DC freelancers’ meeting).
    But that’s why the conference content is so relevant–the problems we have as editors/writers/freelancers are perennial.

    ruth   September 17, 2012
  17. When I attended my first Communication Central conference last year, I felt like I had been inducted into a secret society. I learned so much, and it was a pleasure to meet so many of the “greats” of editing whose books, blog posts, and discussion list messages I had followed so closely over my career. I am thrilled that CC will be returning to Baltimore this year (2012) and I’m looking forward to what’s in store!

    Paul Lagasse   August 3, 2012
  18. I learned how to create and use macros, I revamped my rather dreary-looking website, I got my first cell phone (after learning I really do need to be available during business hours), and I started sending out Christmas cards [to clients]. Recently, working with a friend who is self-publishing his translations of the Greek tragedies, I drew on Jack Lyon’s experience in self-publishing public domain classics. I probably won’t make it to [the 2012] event … but that one [conference] several years ago was great.

    Edward Batchelder, Corrected Text   December 14, 2011
  19. The Communication Central conference in Baltimore was the highlight of my business year! So pleased to have connected with … freelance colleagues there. I really can’t tell you how valuable those two days were. I came away with so many new colleagues and excellent ideas about how to improve my business and take it in new directions. Looking forward to next year’s gathering!

    Marian Rogers   December 14, 2011
  20. Back from a great conference courtesy of Ruth E. Thaler-Carter. Time to re-read my notes and put those tips to work!

    Ann Robertson   October 6, 2011
  21. Great cast of characters, madame director.

    Mary Ellen Schutz   October 5, 2011
  22. Thanks for a well-done conference this past weekend. You clearly put a lot into the event, and you clearly enjoy it (despite the frazzle-inducing responsibilities). It was great to meet you and a lot of the other folks for whom I’ve only known a name and not a face.

    Roseann McGrath Brooks   October 5, 2011
  23. It was a terrific event. Already enjoying the software I won.

    Nicole Schultheis   October 4, 2011
  24. A great conference – already learned several new tricks to add to my editing arsenal. This conference pays for itself, IMO.

    Mary Tod   October 3, 2011
  25. Once again, you organized and conducted a highly successful conference. Small wonder why you are so respected and loved by your industry peers. Keep up the good work!

    Dwight M. Ellis, Bowie State University   October 2, 2011
  26. My third time to attend, and they just keep getting better and better each year!

      October 7, 2010
  27. The conference was great. I kept thinking, wow-I’m sitting next to ‘the’ Jack Lyon. You guys (you included) are like rock stars to me. It was nice to put faces with names. And Rich Adin gave me a lot to think about. For me, he was worth the price of admission.

      October 5, 2010
  28. What a success! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole enchilada. … Two very productive, beneficial days of conferencing … it was an excellent, beneficial, and damned fun conference.

      October 4, 2010
  29. It was my first time attending this conference, and I plan to come back next year! I learned so much — still digesting it all — and just as valuable was meeting colleagues in person. Only regret was not enough time to chat with each one of you individually!

      October 2, 2010
  30. What I like about these conferences … is that they are really focused on steps you can take to make your business better or stronger or more visible. The theme this year was using social media for networking, and I learned valuable information about Linkedin that had been a mystery to me before. I’m also trying out Twitter now – who knows how long I’ll stay with that, but I’ll give it a shot. Great sessions though, and great presenters!

      October 1, 2009
  31. I want to congratulate you on a great conference and for having such an entertaining, informative speaker [Peter Bowerman] for your first event!

      October 3, 2006
  32. … what a GREAT conference!! I’m so glad I could attend! I’m recommending it to others, and I hope I’ll be able to be there again next year.

      October 2, 2006

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